Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid, Cranial Nerves & Ganglions

Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid, Cranial Nerves & Ganglions

Dora Franco, B.Sc., BI-D, ( ) completed the Course Brain Tissue, Cranial Nerves, Nuclei & Ganglions. This Course is part of the 4 th. segment of the Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid Curriculum developed by Dr.Bruno Chikly, M.D. and D.O. (F) and dedicated to highly qualified therapists.

This Advanced Course highlights, in between other elements, such important elements as:

  • The Fluid Field Regulation (FFR).

  • The Choroid Plexus.

  • The Cranial Nerve nuclei and ganglions.

  • The Periaqueductal gray matter (PAG), in relation to pain modulation, defensive reaction and reproductive behavior, vocalization and control of micturition.

  • Work within the 6 layered brain (cortex)

  • New protocol for the brain and spinal cord

Special attention was given to the Cranial nerves functions:

- General Somatic Motor (efferent) : innervate skeletal muscles derivated from myotome
- Branchial Motor : innervate smooth muscles derivated from branchial (pharyngeal) arch.
- Visceral motor : innervate smooth muscles from viscera, blood vessels and glands
- Visceral sensory : from viscera and blood vessels
- General sensory : afferent from skin, fascia, joins, ligaments and muscles.
- Special sensory (afferent) : olfactory, visual, gustatory, vestibular and cochlear.

And to the Ganglions :
- cranial (parasympathic and sensory)
- spinal nerve (dorsal root ganglia)

This post graduation Course, designed for highly skilled therapists, was meant to deepen further the practicioners skills already studied and been practicing and learn how to work with and release restrictions in several other areas of the brain.

B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science in Medicine
D.O. – Doctor in Osteopathy
BI-D – Barral Institute Diplomate Certification